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Pioneers in gemmological education

The science of gemmology can trace its origins back to 1908 in Great Britain. The decision to create a medium for professional gemmological education resulted in the establishment of the Gemmological Association and Gem Testing Laboratory of Great Britain, recently renamed to Gem A (www.gem-a.info). The tremendous experience gained from identification and evaluation of the British crown jewels, in addition to the fact that London is the distribution center of 60% of the world’s rough diamond production, contributed in the first gemmological diploma in 1913. The above two reasons, combined with the traditional and sometimes tough British education, resulted in a gemmological diploma whose holders are described as the “elite” of gemmologists.

The Instructor

"I hope your journey into the world of gems will fascinate you to the extent that has been fascinating me for 30 years. It is a magical world waiting for you..."

Alexandros Sergoulopoulos

BSc., MSc., FGA, DGA

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